Speech and Debate

at Stuyvesant High School

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Public Forum

PF is a style of debate for teams of two. Individuals give short (2-4 minute) speeches; these are interspersed with "crossfire" sections, questions and answers between opposed debaters. The winner is determined by a judge, often an average citizen who will judge the round off of who persuaded them. We debate current events topics and are so excited to welcome new novices!



Parliamentary debate is based on logic, reason, and argumentation rather than statistics and evidence. Loosely modeled on the British Parliament, debaters receive a motion 15 minutes before the beginning of the round, and use this time to prepare, with no research allowed.



Lincoln-Douglas presents a style of individualistic debate centered around philosophy and ethics. It provides a unique space dedicated to encouraging education, highlighting problems in the status quo, and embracing the complexity of a technical debate style.


Policy debate focuses on both the research and technical aspects of debate.  Because there is only one topic each year, research is very in-depth. Policy is also one of the most progressive forms of debate in that it gives freedom in interpreting the resolution. Policy is fast-paced activity and teaches invaluable research skills.



Congressional Debate serves as a middle ground for the entirety of Speech and Debate. It combines individual prowess with collaborative effort among fellow students; 15-20 students are in a room giving speeches about why various pieces of legislation should be passed or failed. By competing in Congressional Debate, students learn how to research and generate strong arguments, but also how to speak eloquently and persuasively.